Be the Girl That Decided to GO FOR IT!

Give yourself a swift kick in the butt to finally do something with your life! If you’re tired of being broke, tired of coasting through your life, tired of wasted time and money, then snap out of it!

Only you can change your circumstances! Only you can achieve your goals! No one is going to hand you that success card, that promotion, that degree, that car, that weight-loss…whatever it is you desire!

I’ve finally reached that turning point! I’m tired of being broke, fat, shy, messy and mediocre! I have started pursuing my writing, pursuing that direct sales business My Tupperware Team and Organizing my bills.

I realize I need to organize my house, my Meals and my budget in order to ‘fix’ my problems! Join me on this journey! Whether you’re planning to lose weight, build your own business or businesses, go to school and/or get organized, let’s do it!

No more whining, no more worrying and no more complaining! I’m with you! A wonderful series of books I recommend for positive thinking and the Law of Attraction is The Secret!

It’s a super easy read, and I ended up buying and reading the other books in the series as well! Positive thinking and gratitude are major keys to success! The other books are The Magic, The Power and Hero. Or you can get The paperback set.

Affiliate disclosure- This post contains affiliate links to brands I know and trust. If you purchase from any of my links, I may receive a small commission. This doesn’t cost you anything extra to purchase. Also, I’m no expert . I’m just speaking my opinions.

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