Could Tupperware Rescue You?

Time to speak from the heart… This year has been a rough one for my husband and I. I finally got a diagnosis for my terrible fatigue, Chronic Lyme, so I don’t have the strength or energy to work full-time.

We almost lost our house and vehicles 😳😳

Plus many other wolves growling at the door! 😒


When the Tupperware opportunity was offered to me by a dear friend, I knew I could help us out without spending a fortune! 🤔😊In fact I’ve only spent $50 total out of my pocket! 🙌🏽😱( that includes the $39 sign up, and $10 for a better website)

I’ve tried many other businesses! The main appeal to me is the 70 year reputation of being a trusted name! The rewards are awesome!

Now I’m seeing hope, seeing light and really feeling good about our finances! I’m so grateful that I was offered this opportunity! 

If you’re wanting more out of life, but not seeing a solution, Tupperware could be that solution!! Tupperware could help you with college expenses, help you stay at home, save for retirement or a vacation… So many possibilities! Email for more information

Explore my site 

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